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Posted by on Jun 9, 2014 in Milwaukee, Resturants, United States, Wisconsin | 1 comment

Alem Ethiopian Village

Cuisine: Ethiopian

Prices: $ ($9 – $30 Entrees)

Atmosphere: Casual, Date Night, After Work


Address: 307 East Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202

Phone: (414) 224-5324

It was our 5 year anniversary last Wednesday, so we decided to try something different. Why not Ethiopian food? Sounded interesting since it’s something we had no idea what it tasted like.

There was street parking in Milwaukee in front of the restaurant. Nicely decorated with some traditional items and some interesting wall hangings too. It’s a small place with a few tables.

The server┬ácame up to us and she was very nice and helpful asking if it’s our first time here and explained how to look through the menu and best things to try on our first visit.

alem-ethiopian-restaurant3My husband tried one of the Ethiopian beers and we ordered the CO1 for two. That’s lamb and chicken combination plate with comes with two vegetables. That’s the best combination to try so that it has two different curries to try compared to the other combination plate which has the same curry in chicken and lamb.

The only complain I have about this place is the time it takes for the food to come out. Especially when it’s not a busy time. There were just two tables seated before us and then a big group came in much later on. But they got their food before us for some reason!

Now let me explain the food.
Alem Ethiopian Restaurant Milwaukee
The pancake like substance is called Injera (made out of barley, wheat and teff flour)

The reddish curry in the middle is called Doro Wot (Spicy chicken stewed in Ethiopian red pepper sauce and cooked with an assortment of spices). For someone who is used to eating a spicy food, this wasn’t spicy at all but it tasted really good. Quite a unique taste. There were only two tiny drumsticks with an hard-boiled egg in that sauce. Although the sauce tasted really nice, it seemed like the chicken was not cooked in it for too long since the inside of the chicken seemed quite bland.

The two yellowish curries are called Yebeg Alitcha (A mild lamb stew cooked with garlic, ginger and other spices). Now this was really mild but again tasty. It was really really small pieces of lamb and not really enough portion for the price.

Orange color curry was called Yemiser Wot (lentils slowly cooked in Ethiopian red pepper sauce and assorted spices). Tastes good and not spicy as it’s mentioned.

The last item, the green one is Gomen (Collard greens steamed, delicately seasoned and cooked with fresh garlic and pepper)

The interesting thing about this place is that you have to eat with your fingers. For people who are not used to this, it can be a bit tough to get the hang of getting everything in to a bit and putting it in your mouth. You will soon get used to it, just like you got used to eating with chopsticks, but way easier :)

Summary: Really good flavor to the food. Everything tasted good, although not spicy. It’s a must to try!
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  1. Good place to try Ethiopian cuisine for the first time as they have interesting combination platters and the waitress-servers are patient and helpful.