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Posted by on Jan 30, 2013 in Beach, Featured, St Thomas |

Magen’s Bay

What to See & Do: Beach

Entrance: $4 pp

Duration: 1hr or the entire day!

Magen’s Bay in St Thomas is one the most beautiful beaches you will find in the Caribbean. The surroundings are lovely and the water is very clear and calm. It will be quite crowded if you decide to go on a day with a lot of cruise ships in town.

The sand is soft and nice while there are some picnic benches around as well. There are some trees around so you can get some shade from the sun. A great place to relax with a good book or just do nothing.

There are plenty of washrooms / changing rooms at the beach, so it’s quite convenient. There’s a restaurant / bar where you can get your drinks and food items.

If you are on a cruise ship, try to find a shore excursion to Magen’s Bay Beach. We were on Carnival and the tour included the $4pp entrance tickets at the beach and ofcourse take you to and from the port. They will also take you to Drake’s Seat, a beautiful lookout spot.

Summary: Beautiful beach with calm waters. Trees for shade and washrooms available. A must in St Thomas.

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