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Posted by on Jan 30, 2013 in Featured, St Thomas |

Drake’s Seat

What to See & Do: Lookout point & Photo opportunity

Entrance: Free

Duration: 5 mins

Address: Route 40, St. Thomas

Drake’s Seat is a great lookout point to see Magen’s Bay with a fantastic photo opportunity. I wouldn’t recommend taking a cab there just for the lookout. But if you are heading towards Magen’s Bay, this is a must see.

If you are on a cruise ship, then go for the shore excursion (shared taxi) from the port to Magen’s Bay. They will do a brief stop at Drake’s Seat and take you to Magen’s Bay and bring you back to port. The $4 entrance fee to Magen’s Bay will also be included and a pretty good deal.

It’s supposed to be the point where Sir Francis Drake had looked for enemy ships of the Spanish fleet.  Although the ‘Seat’ is just a green bench, it offers a panoramic view of the US Virgin Islands where the Atlantic Ocean joins the Caribbean Sea. Parking is limited to about 10 vehicles or less and can get a bit crowded when the people keep coming in for pics, especially when there are a lot of cruise ships docked.

There is a man and his dressed up donkey for photo opportunities if you like. If you are not taking a pic with that donkey, the man can be quite rude to the bystanders to move out of  ‘his photo area’, which on a crowded day is not possible other than going over the lookout!

Summary: Beautiful overlook of Magen’s Bay, St Thomas.  A must do if you are heading in that direction.


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